Rhymes with Reason Partner Webpages

Highlight the work partners are doing to bring Rhymes with Reason to their community

My Role       Primary UX/UI Designer
Timeline      5 months
Tools            Figma


Project Goal

Create individualized partner pages to showcase the work partners are doing with Rhymes with Reason to bring literacy to students in their communities.

Final Designs

I created a basic content webpage template that can be filled out for every partner. There are add-on template components to add to the page if the partnership has more content such as photos or videos.

Basic Content
Additional Content



Initially, the scope of this project was just to design three pages for three different partners. However, after a few meetings with the CEO and marketing team, I suggested that I would create a partner template page that could be adjusted to include the information that they have for each partner, without needing a designer to come in and create each unique page.


I created an excel spreadsheet to make it simple for other team members to input information about each partner. This information could then be seamlessly transferred to the partner page template.


I created some wireframes in Figma in order to visualize what the final pages would look like. I then had a meeting with the rest of the Rhymes with Reason team where I did a demonstration adding and removing the add-on sections based on the information we had for different clients.


Putting it all Together

I created final prototypes in Figma. The final designs are in accordance with the already-established branding guide in order to maintain brand identity.